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Atlanta Film Festival was the first I attended in 1990.  These were sometimes held twice a year, spring and fall. 
1995 was the last film festival held in Atlanta by Charles Sharpe.  The guest stars included Paul Peterson, Buffalo Bob Smith and Howdy Doody, John Hart, Jan Merlin and others. Here are a few photos from that and other Atlanta Film Festivals.


John Hart, Paul Peterson, Bernadette Withers, Jan Merlin and Sonny Shoyer. Atlanta Film Festival 1995 taken at the Lone Star Cafe, Fayetteville, GA

The Atlanta Film Festival was produced by Charles Sharpe of Sharpeco Distributors.  These were held from the 1980's up until the mid 1990's.
The first one I attended was in 1989 where I first met Lash LaRue as well as Jock Mahoney.  The last one was held in 1995.

John Hart - Lone Ranger, Hawkeye
Atlanta Film Festival, 1995

John Hart - One of the two Lone Rangers on TV for 59 episodes.  John also starred in the 1950's TV series, "Hawkeye" as well as a number of films and serials.


Sunset Carson and his wife Jeannie at the Lone Star Cafe in 1990.  This photo was taken 9 days before Sunset passed away.

We really hated to see the Atlanta Film Festival come to an end. 


Buffalo Bob and one of the original Howdy Doody puppets (uhh, the one on the left). Atlanta 1995

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