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Williamsburg 2005 Photo Album
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Photo Album
Photo Album

The 2005 Williamsburg Film Festival.

Larry, Joan Leslie, Diane
Williamsburg Film Festival, 2005

We had a wonderful slate of guest stars in 2005.  Anne Jefferys, Joan Leslie, Denny Miller, Morgan Woodward, George Hamilton IV, Don Stroud, Ty Hardin, Kathy Garver, Lucky Bill Parrish and Ted & Ruth Reinhart.

Morgan Woodward
Williamsburg Film Festival, 2005

Morgan Woodward holds the record of the most guest appearences on the long running TV series "Gunsmoke".  He also appeared as a regular in "Dallas" and was guard known as "The man with no eyes" in the Paul Newman film, "Cool Hand Luke".

George Hamilton IV
Williamsburg Film Festival, 2005

Geoerge Hamilton IV was our featured entertainer.  I don't believe I've ever met a nicer gentleman.  Remember, "A Rose and a Baby Ruth" or "Abilene"?

Ty Hardin, "Bronco Lane"
Williamsburg Film Festival, 2005

Ty Hardin from the TV series, "Bronco".

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