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Oct 31st, 2012

This is my first attempt at creating a personal web site.  I thought I'd begin by publishing some Blanks family research information I've been able to gather over the last 30+ years.  Although I have not dedicated a lot of time and energy to this research, I've been able to piece together some information that may be helpful.
I hope you enjoy and find this informative.

Growing up, my Dad use to tell me stories of his Grandfather and Grandmother, John Henry Blanks and Martha Hogan Blanks.  John Henry was a Civil War veteran and for a period of time, raised my Dad, George William Blanks and his brother, Clifford Joseph (Uncle Joe) Blanks.
Many of the comments I relate on this site, are stories I recall my Dad telling me.

What's New?

Added photos on Blanks Family Photo page - Nov 8, 2005  

August 2005 - Site created.

I'm Told This Is The Way It Happened!
(Courtesy of Jan Merlin)

Larry Blanks and Jan Merlin
Jan's backyard, Burbank, Calif. 2003

Who is Jan Merlin?
John Henry Blanks and Martha Hogan Blanks were married after he returned from the Civil war.  She was the daughter of one of the Hogan brothers that founded Hogansville, GA and her mother was full blooded Indian (either Creek or Cherokee, unknown at this time).  Martha and John raised six boys on their farm.  Thomas Hill Blanks was the 4th born and was my Grandfather.
John Henry Blanks and Martha Hogan Blanks
(Photo provided by Jerry Blanks of Albertville, AL)

Please get in touch with any comments, corrections, additions or reactions to this site.

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